Week 5 Nintendo Switch

Alright. Full disclosure time. This last week and a half or so hasn’t been super productive for The Staff of Lewis. My parents surprised my wife and me with Nintendo Switches for Christmas and they’ve done a fantastic job of distracting me from pretty much anything that’s not Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! or Just Dance 2019. Thankfully, I did make some progress, it’s just not amazingly exciting progress.

*The Staff of Lewis* Week 5 Overview GIF

Christmas break accomplishments:

  1. Build system with love-release
    • I’ve got a custom Docker image built and tied with CircleCI that automatically builds and pushes LÖVE binaries for different operating systems whenever I push a commit to my master branch. It took longer than I would have liked, but it’ll definitely be worth it in the long run and I can use it for future games too!
  2. Almost have a working character select screen
    • I did custom pixel art for character portraits on the character select screen and reorganized player setup code to allow for dynamic character selection. Getting close but there’s still a “null pointer” error.

Next week’s plans:

  1. Finish character select screen
    • I still need to figure out how to call constructor methods based on which character is selected to fix that blue screen error in the GIF above.
    • I also want to improve the pixel art and the way it’s presented on screen. It’s a bit too bland currently and there’s no indicator of which character is currently selected by which player.
  2. Make enemies more fun to fight
  3. Scrolling camera with scrolling level