My name is Jesse Millar. I’m a software engineer for Walmart, an Overwatch addict, a skateboarder, and a card magician. I can’t get fat. I’m married to the beautiful Stephanie Millar. This is my video game devlog.

I’ve been feeling somewhat restless of late because I haven’t been cranking out creative projects like I used to. To fix this, I’ve decided I’m going to take game dev more seriously. I’ve loved video games, and especially building video games, since I was about 12. That’s 15+ years for those of you at home keeping score. I’m not the best gamer, but I feel pretty strongly about sharing experiences and stories and life lessons with others through gaming experiences. Video games can be beautifully approachable. They can challenge us. They can pick us up when we’re down. They tell tales that we might carry with us for the rest of our lives. They make us think. Games form communities and friendships.

Games are art.

This devlog is my scratch pad. I’m going to chronicle my game dev experiences here on a weekly basis as I attempt to create my own art both to keep myself accountable and to hopefully inspire someone somewhere to start making games. Any and all games that I release will be available on my itch.io page. I’ll also announce each release and any breakthroughs on my Twitter feed.

Huge thanks to my wife, Stephanie Millar for supporting me and giving me fantastically creative ideas for games and stories. She is and always will be my greatest inspiration.